A lot more drama unfolds with Degrassi: A Whole New Start.

Seniors (Class of 2030):

Dianna Agron as Amber Brown- Older sister of Theo and Nikki.

Avan Jogia as Mike Hogart- Manny and Jay's oldest son. Aly, Brian, Stacie, and Becca's older brother.

Ansel Elgort as Cory Middleton- A popular basketball jock, he is very protective of his little sister after she comes back. Comes from a very big family.

Riker Lynch as Riker Middleton- Cory's twin brother. Comes from a big family.

Juniors (Class of 2031):

Jason Dolley as Theo Brown- Younger brother of Amber, older brother of Nikki

Troian Bellisorio as Aly Hogart- Manny and Jay's oldest daughter. Mike younger sister; Brian, Stacie, and Becca's older sister.

Burkley Duffield as Seth Middleton- A popular basketball jock, he is very protective of his little sister after she comes back. Comes from a very big family.

Sophomores (Class of 2032):

Brad Kavaghn as Alistair Brant- A new guy with a secret. (New)

Janel Perish as Stella Del Rossi-Murphy- Marco and Ansel's oldest daughter. Nick and Selena's older sister.

Bradley Steven Perry as Brian Hogart- Manny and Jay's son. Mike and Aly's younger brother; Stacie and Becca's older brother.

Freshman (Class of 2033):

Kylie Bunbury as Cidnie Brooks- Jimmy and Trina's oldest daughter who is good at Basketball. Melanie's older sister. She is best friends with Stacie and Abby.

Bridgit Mendler as Nikki Brown- The little sister of Amber and Theo.

Jake T. Austin as Finn Cameron- Sean and Amy's son.

Uriah Sheldon as Nick Del Rossi-Murphy- The only son of Marco and Ansel. Stella's younger brother and Selena's older brother.

Shay Mitchell as Stacie Hogart- Manny and Jay's daughter. Mike, Aly, and Brian's younger sister; Becca's older sister. Abby and Cidnie's best friend.

Jacob Artist as John Isaacs- Liberty and Toby's son.

Keegan Allen as Tom Manning- Ashley and Craig's son. Julia's older brother.

Selena Gomez as Abby Mason- Emma and Spinner's oldest daughter. Cassie's older sister. Stacie and Cidnie's best friend.

Ashley Benson as Candie Michalchuk-Nunez- Paige and Alex's daughter. Ethan's older sister.

Austin Mahone as Sammy Middleton- Sapphire's twin brother. Very protective of her. Comes from a big family

Brec Bassinger as Sapphire Middleton- She moved back with her dad after 5 years with her mom. Has a secret.

Nick Merico as Ethan Miller- Sapphire's best friend and boyfriend.

Ariana Grande as Vanessa Nash- Her mom died giving birth so she has been raised by her Aunt Ellie, never met her dad. Victor's twin sister.

Tyler Blackburn as Victor Nash- His mom died giving birth so he has been raised by his Aunt Ellie, never met his dad. Vanessa's twin brother.

8th Graders (Class of 2034):

China Anne McClain as Melanie Brooks (13)- Jimmy and Trina's youngest daughter. Cidnie's younger sister.

Sasha Pieterse as Selena Del Rossi-Murphy(13)- Stella and Nick's younger sister.

G. Hannelius as Becca Hogart (13)- Manny and Jay's youngest daughter. Mike, Aly, Brian, and Stacie's youngest sister.

Dove Cameron as Julia Manning (13)- Ashley and Craig's daughter. Tom's younger sister.

Sierra McCormick as Cassie Mason (13)- Emma and Spinner's younger daughter. Abby's younger sister.

Cameron Boyce as Ethan Michalchuk-Nunez (13)- Paige and Alex's son. Candie's younger brother.

Peyton List as Meaghan Smith (13)- Terri's daughter.

Davis Cleveland as Cody Stone (13)- Mia and Peter's son. Izzie's younger half-brother.


Lucy Hale as Isabella Jones-Stone- The new principle, Mia's daughter and Peter's step daughter. Cody's half sister.

Stacey Farber as Ellie Nash- The English teacher looking after her niece and nephew.

Drake as Jimmy Brooks- The Basketball coach. He is not in a wheelchair anymore. Trina's husband, Cidnie and Melanie's dad.

Jake Epstein as Craig Manning- The co-band instructor. Ashley's husband, Tom and Julia's dad.

Melissa McIntyre as Ashley Manning- The co-band instructor. Craig's wife, Tom and Julia's mom, Pregnant with child.

Adamo Ruggiero as Marco Del Rossi- The Math teacher. Ansel's husband; Stella, Nick, and Selena's dad.

Cassie Steele as Manny Hogart- The acting teacher. Jay's wife; Mike, Aly, Brian, Stacie, and Becca's mom.

Nina Dobrev as Mia Stone- The History teacher. Peter's wife, Izzie and Cody's mom.


Miriam McDonald as Emma Mason- Spinner's wife, Abby and Cassie's mom, Pregnant with child.

Shane Kippel as Spinner Mason- Emma's wife, Abby and Cassie's dad.

Julian Morris as Ansel Murphy- Marco's husband; Stella, Nick, and Selena's father.

Lauren Collins as Paige Michalchuk- Alex's wife, Candie and Ethan's mother.

Deanna Casaluce as Alex Nunez- Paige's wife, Candie and Ethan's mom.

Mike Lobel as Jay Hogart- Emma's husband; Mike, Aly, Brian, Stacie, and Becca's dad.

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Liberty Isaacs- Toby's wife. John's mom.

Jake Goldsbie as Toby Isaacs- Liberty's husband, John's dad.

Daniel Clark as Sean Cameron- Amy's husband, Finn's dad, he is in the military.

Bailey Corneal as Amy Cameron- Sean's wife, Finn's mom.

Jamie Johnsoin as Peter Stone- Mia's husband, Izzie's step-dad and Cody's dad.

Marc Minardi as Lucas Valieri- Izzie's dad.

Melissa DiMarco as Daphne Hatzilakos- Cody's grandmother, Peter's mother.

Amanda Stepto as Spike Simpson- Abby and Cassie's grandmother, Emma's mother

Stephan Brogan as Archie Simpson- Abby and Cassie's step-grandfather, Emma's step-father.

Dylan Sprouse as Jack Simpson- Snake and Spike's son, Emma's half-brother, Abby and Cassie's half-uncle.

Steve Belford as Jesse Stefanovic- Ellie's husband.

Terra Vnessa as Trina Brooks - Jimmy's wife, Cidnie and Melanie's mom, Pregnant with third child.

Pat Mastroianni as Joey Jeremiah- Tom and Julia's step-grandfather, Craig's stepfather.

Nicola Correia Damude as Diane Jeremiah - Tom and Julia's step-grandmother, Craig's stepmother, Baby on the way.

Alex Steele as Angela Jeremiah- Tom and Julia's aunt, Craig's half-sister.

Christina Schmidt as Terri Smith- An old friend of the Degrassi gang, Justin's wife, Meaghan's mother.

Brad Pitt as Justin Smith - Terri's husband.

Jajube Mandiela as Chantay Black- Danny's wife, Pregnant with child

Dalmar Abuzeid as Danny Van Zandt- Chantay's husband.

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1/22 A Brand New Start Pt. 1 101
2/22 A Brand New Start Pt. 2 102